Attentive Care - Registered NDIS Provider

About Us

About Us

Attentive Care aims to provide positive support alongside, exceptional services to our valued participants. Our value-driven staff are truly passionate about what they do and are professional in their roles working with adults living with special needs to live the way they choose and achieve their goals in life. We aim to provide our participants with the services and supports they need to achieve their goals and maximise their independence by optimizing opportunities to participate actively in the community as per their choices.

We are involved with communities and other private sectors to ensure we can achieve positive long-term changes in the lives of people we work with. By doing this our aim is to empower our participants to exercise their rights while being a part of the community and work towards a future where everyone could create equal and purposeful opportunities for living a meaningful life.

Our Vision

To create an environment where our valued participants feel empowered and committed to exercise their right of choice and control in achieving their individual goals and aspirations.

Our Mission

To create a positive partnership with our valued participants through providing high quality, flexible and reliable services.

We are always looking forward to growing as a team. If you’re interested in joining our team of Possible People, please visit our Careers page or call us on +61 414 66 2273.