Attentive Care - Registered NDIS Provider

Core Values

Core Values


Our relationship form the core of all our services, and we believe in strong, long-lasting connections with you and your loved ones. This value allows us to have a meaningful impact on all our people and ensure that your comfort is always taken care of.

Diversity and Inclusion

It is our firm belief that every member has a rightful and deserving place in community, and we strive to achieve a sense of belonging for each person that we support. We value the power of diversity within our team, our support staff and most importantly, our participants. It is the different contributions from each member that make us so successful!


Honesty is of utmost importance to our team, and we maintain full transparency in our work and our services. We are committed to delivering on our promises and making sure that you can fully trust us to help you with the support you require.


We value individual needs and traits, and deeply respect every person that we work with. At Attentive Care, we are always here to listen respectfully, and celebrate all your achievements.


Our system is designed to recognise individual and social needs and you will always receive prompt, timely and appropriate support as per your preferences. By building an efficient team, we ensure that we can help you in the best possible manner.

We are always looking forward to growing as a team. If you’re interested in joining our team of Possible People, please visit our Careers page or call us on +61 414 66 2273.