Attentive Care - Registered NDIS Provider

Life Style Support

Life Style Support / Personalised Day Options


Our experienced staff at Attentive Care uses advanced principles for individual and group care, to create a truly comfortable experience for you. The lifestyle support service enables you to make use of some extra assistance while choosing service providers, participating in events and developing skills. Our aim is to support you while you work on your day-to-day skills while living at home and being a part of the community. We are here to support you with any assistance that you need, including trying new experiences.

Life Style Support / Personalised Day Options

Some of the lifestyle support options are:

  • • Participating in individual and group activities
  • • Accessing community centred activities
  • • Developing self-skills to improve your independence
  • • Inculcating skills that improve employment prospects
  • • Support with tasks like grocery shopping
  • • Help in budgeting and planning
  • • Support with your personal care
  • • Encouraging a focus-based approach that uses structured
  • lesson plans for several activities that promise overall personal success
  • • Taking care of your health, wellness and fitness
  • • Helping you with household chores

We are always looking forward to growing as a team. If you’re interested in joining our team of Possible People, please visit our Careers page or call us on +61 414 66 2273.