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Behaviour Support

Behaviour Support


A behaviour is the way in which one acts or conducts themselves in front of others. Challenging behaviours, sometimes known as behaviours of concern are those conducts which may feel questionable to those around them and concern themselves or their loved ones. These can be attributed to various reasons such as illness or lack of general wellbeing.

Some people living with a disability in care may demonstrate behaviours of concern which cause emotional and / or physical danger to themselves or others. This limits their potential and restricts them from being active participants in the community.

Attentive Care provides a Behaviour Support Service in which our experienced team creates a personalised strategy responding to your needs. This support option aims to reduce the occurrence and the adverse impact of behaviours of concern and eventually enhance your wellbeing and overall quality of life.

Our NDIS plan Behaviour Support Service options are targeted at improved living and better relationships.

Support for improved relationships:

  • • Recommendations and interventions for behaviour support
  • • Working with you to minimise harmful behaviour and avoid use of restrictive practices
  • • Working on social skills and development
  • • Providing complex case management services

Some key features of our support are:

Person centred: We work with you to understand what is important to you. Our person-centred approach allows us to give you the kind of care you prefer and will benefit from.

Evidence based: Our functional behaviour assessment is an evidence-based assessment which ensures that we follow the right principles to identify the root cause of any concerning behaviour and develop targeted strategies.

Least restrictive practices approach: We are strong advocates of upkeeping human rights for all and do believe that restrictive practices should be used only when absolutely required, as a last resort for the least possible duration. We abide by the laws which state that use of such practices must be legally authorised by the state or territory and must be lodged with the NDIS Quality & Safeguard Commission when implementing.

Support for improved daily living:

  • • Mentoring, training and coaching our staff and carers
  • • Providing information and training to understand restrictive practices
  • • Personalised individual counselling when required

Our behaviour support staff holds extensive experience in contemporary behaviour support practices which help people with a range of disabilities, ageing effects and mental health conditions.

We are always looking forward to growing as a team. If you’re interested in joining our team of Possible People, please visit our Careers page or call us on +61 414 66 2273.